Importing Saved Bookmarks & Passwords from Chrome to Opera

After toying with the idea for sometimes, I’ve finally made the jump from Google’s Chrome to Opera browser on all m devices (iMac, Macbook, Android,iPad).

There are many reasons for this but the main one being Chrome is such a hog on resources even on my pimped out iMac, plus I prefer the look and feel of Opera’s mobile app and the ease to switch on their free VPN on both the desktop and mobile browser. (I’ve tested with Netflix and I did get to see some content that was no available on Malaysia’s version)

But enough of that, you came here for tips to export your bookmarks and password from Chrome to Opera.

1.Firstly, install Opera, then go the import settings : opera://settings/importData

That would instantly import all your bookmarks to Opera, now for the passwords:

2. Go to : opera://flags/#PasswordImport and enabled the password import feature.

Enabled password import

3. Go to your Chrome browser : chrome://settings/passwords

Export passwords

Export your passwords to your desktop.

4.Then go to Opera and Import your passwords, that’s it!: opera://settings/passwords

5th step is optional but recommended, sign up with an Opera account so that your devices are all synced up (Google Chromes does it automatically because of your Gmail account).

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