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Ipoh Town Hall Time lapse - Free Download - Moses Francis - Tech, Video Production, Music

Ipoh Town Hall Time lapse – Free Download

Over the weekend, I had a few ideas for videos i wanted to shoot and produce back in Ipoh, unfortunately the weather did not agree with me, however I did manage to get this night timelapse of the Town Hall in Ipoh and you can download all the 819 photos to create your own timelapse ( I did mine in 30fps). The timelapse was made using a Gopro Hero 3 Black with a 2 second interval.

Enjoy the download, use the video (minus the galaxy skies as above) for your own project, client work, whatever. A credit to me would be nice but not neccesary.

Music used was – Arc North – Ivory and you can download it here.

As for that beautiful galaxy sky video i got it from, just pay USD$99 for a year and have access to really cool videos and even Final Cut Pro and AE project files.

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