Poppo Kanteen Bandar Puteri Puchong – Nasi So Lemak

Poppo Kanteen – Worth it to try their variety of Nasi Lemak Styles

I’ve been passing by this “Nasi So Lemak” shop forever without going in, but today seemed like a good day to walk in, it was 9th September 2018, a Sunday with Monday and Tuesday being a public holiday, so it did felt like a good ol Friday.

Anywayz, I’m no pretentious food blogger but I would like to say a few words about this place. Before I headed to the restaurant, I googled and noticed that it has been giving a bad rep for customer service, as in service was slow, I can confirm that this is no longer an issue, the staff was polite and the service was good, the food even came faster than I thought it would, even though the place was half full with people.

Firstly, I was a little surprised by the price, the place looked fancy so I was expecting it to be a little pricier but it was all well within reasonable range, I took the Nasi Lemak Beef Rendang and it was only RM8.90, and to top it off it was actually delicious! the beef was soft and the rendang was thick and not spicy (some people make rendang too spicy for whatever reasons), the portion was also good, it had half an egg, ikan bilis and kacang, some type of papadam and the beef rendang itself.

Nasi Lemak Beef Rendang – RM8.90

I was a little hungry today so I also ordered the Pita Ayam Kunyit, it was good but I would prefer a little mayo (just a personal preference). I can’t complain too much about the volume of chicken added to the pita, the photo might not do it justice but i can assure you it was enough to make the meal good and it only costs RM7.90.

Pita Ayam Kunyit – RM7.90

Here’s some pages from the menu for you to get an idea, I will most definitely be going back because they have more than just Nasi Lemak, they have westerns and briyani’s, all types of fried rice and even noodles, I think this place has much more to offer me, Thank God my office is nearby so I can pop by often.

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