Watson #LagendaCunRaya – How Did Someone Approve the ad?

At the beginning of the video I thought to myself, wow, not bad, somebody out there actually spent money to create a 14+ minutes ad for Hari Raya, and to be fair the video started out fine.

BUT that was the only time it was fine, please watch the video above to draw your own conclusions, but the gist of it is that the ad used blackface as the whole basis of the story.

I just do not understand how the actors and actresses, especially Thanuja Ananthan who is dark skinned, could take on this project at all, I mean come on, did you guys not learn from the Yuna gaff on meleTOP?

However, what I really want to know is how the marketing team at Watsons Malaysia heard this idea, digested it, and approved it.HOW in the world do you take on this particular idea and put a lot of money behind it and on top of that once the video was done and you had time to review again yet someone somewhere in Watsons Malaysia said “HELL YEAH LET’S GO AND PUBLISH THIS VIDEO NOW”.

Please.Help me understand HOW THIS COULD HAPPEN IN 2017.

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